Ni Hau! and welcome to the Evergreen Teashop! 

Evergreenteashop Gründerin bei einer Teezeremonie

I have been a passionate tea lover since childhood. It's in my genes because my parents used to run a small tea shop in Taiwan.

During a visit to my home country Taiwan in 2013 I finally decided to offer Taiwanese teas to customers in Germany and Europe at attractive prices. 

The most famous teas from Taiwan, for example Dayuling Oolong, Lishan Oolong, Shanlinxi Oolong, greener Baozhong, Red Oolong, Ruby # 18 black tea Jasmine tea and of course the popular one too Alishan Oolong which you can order here in our online shop.

We source our tea specialties 100% from Formosa, as my home country in the Pacific Ocean is also called. 


What makes our tea better?

It is important to us to offer only high-quality, loose premium tea. Many teas are made with very poor quality tea leaves, especially in blended and flavored teas. Since the quality and purity of the tea is our top priority, we only select teas that meet our high quality standards.

We visit the tea plantations of friends from Taiwanese tea farmers on site at regular intervals and convince ourselves personally of the quality of the latest tea harvest.

Thanks to our direct sales channels, we are also able to supply large customers such as tea shops, restaurants, cafés or hotels with high-quality teas at attractive prices.

Our teas are traditionally loosely shrink-wrapped or packed in vacuum-flavored bags in order to guarantee constant quality regardless of fluctuations in humidity.

You can also find them in our online shop Tea pottery Products like tea cups, Yixing teapots, Tea trays and more equipment to enable our customers to enjoy the perfect tea.

If you are looking for a certain tea from Taiwan, a certain type is currently not in stock, or you have questions about our range, please do not hesitate to contact us at at any time. We will then answer your wishes and concerns immediately.

Incidentally, the Evergreen Teashop is Germany's highest online tea shop. Our business premises are located in the beautiful High valley community of Samerberg near Rosenheim at 770 meters. So we can call ourselves High Mountain Teashop :)

Thank you for your interest in mine Online shop and our products! I would be delighted if you would support me on my tea adventure.

If you were satisfied with a certain type of tea, you can rate it on the product page.

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Jui Yu Wang Westenhuber

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