How is Oolong tea properly prepared?

How is Oolong tea properly prepared?

In this tea making tutorial, we will focus solely on how to make it Oolong tea best prepared.

However, since Oolong tea is fermented to different degrees and the tea leaf sizes can also vary, there is no uniform rule on how Oolong tea is best brewed. See also our Oolong tea overview.

Traditionally, in Taiwan and China, Oolong tea is prepared in smaller quantities and often infused. You can either use a Gaiwan or one Yixing teapotwhich was made from clay.


Yixing Teekanne für Oolong

You can of course also have Oolong in one usual teapot brew, but you should use a tea filter, which you can take out after brewing, otherwise the taste of the tea can become bitter.
What amount of tea do you need?


It should be noted that Oolong tea is either sold rolled or with twisted tea leaves and that it unfolds to its original size when brewed.



gerollte Alishan Oolong Teeblätter

For rolled tea leaves, we recommend 3 to 4 teaspoons per liter or when using a Gaiwan or a Yixing teapot with a capacity of 200 ml, a small teaspoon is sufficient!

With twisted tea leaves you take about double the amount.

What water do you use to brew Oolong tea?

The water should not be too hard, softened tap water or soft mineral water without carbonic acid are well suited. The water should be fresh and not stale.


What is the correct brewing temperature for Oolong tea?

A science of its own begins here, but if you follow a few rules you will achieve success very quickly.

Basically one can say that the greener, i.e. the less the tea has been fermented, the cooler the water, or the more the tea has been fermented, the hotter it can be brewed.


  • For lightly fermented oolongs like Alishan, Milky or Baozhong it is often enough to brew them at 80 - 85 ° C

  • More fermented oolongs like Dong ding or roasted oolongs are better brewed at 85 - 90 ° C

  • Strongly fermented teas like Red Oolong - or aged tea need approx. 95 ° C in order to be able to develop their aroma properly.


Milky Oolong - leicht fermentiert


How long should oolong tea brew?

Usually it is not necessary to let oolong tea steep for more than 3 minutes. It is advisable to start with one minute of brewing time and approach your personal taste preference in further 30 second steps. Most oolong teas take 2-3 minutes to do very well.

The Agend Oolongs are an exception here, which, due to their age, take longer for the tea leaves to unfold and release their aroma. However, it can also happen that the first steepings are too intense and the right taste only arises after brewing 3-4 times.

Aged Tee - Shanlingxi Oolong


How often can Oolong tea be brewed?

Oolong tea is very high quality. Since only whole tea leaves are processed, it is possible to brew Oolong tea more often! Basically, one can say that Oolong tea from higher plantations can be brewed more often than teas that have grown faster on lower plantations. On average, all Oolong teas can be brewed at least 3-4 times. With each brewing process, new aromas are released.

Tea eggs and sieves

Remember that the tea leaves unfold to their full size when they are brewed and take up a lot of space. We therefore recommend a "basket-shaped" tea strainer when using a large teapot. Tea eggs, on the other hand, are usually too small to brew loose tea.

Teetasse und Riechbecher

How do you brew Oolong tea step by step?


  • water heater
  • Thermometer (optional)
  • Teapot or Gaiwan (200ml capacity)
  • teaspoon
  • Filter or sieve
  • Stopwatch (or smartphone)
  • Tea cup for serving
  • Smelling cup (optional)



  • A scant teaspoon of Oolong tea leaves (rolled)
  • Approx. 1 liter of water - enough so that you can pour it over your teaware in advance to warm it up

INSTRUCTIONS this is how it works in 6 simple steps

1. Heat the water until it has reached the desired temperature, a thermometer will help you to determine this. Some kettles already have a built-in thermostat which can also be used as an alternative, but not as accurate as a separate thermometer.

2. Now pour a small amount of heated water over the teapot and the cups, and use it to fill the empty teapot to warm up. Then pour out the water again.

3. Now put about 1 teaspoon of tea leaves into the warmed teapot and pour hot water over the oolong tea. Now close the teapot or gaiwan and let the tea brew. You can stop the time with your smartphone.

4. Depending on your personal preferences, you can now steep the oolong tea. We recommend starting with a brewing time of about one minute and then extending the brewing process in 30 second steps until you achieve your favorite taste

5. When the brewing time has elapsed, pour the tea into the prepared tea cup. If you use a tea strainer in your teapot, please take it out. Alternatively, empty the remaining tea into a second teapot,

6. Now you can enjoy the freshly brewed tea!

BONUS tip: A slim smelling cup is also used at a Chinese tea ceremony. First you fill the brewed Oolong tea into the smelling cup, cover it with a teapot, turn both of them over together and then remove the empty smelling cup. If you now bring the smelling cup to your nose you can absorb all the great, intense aromas with your nose.


Teekanne und Teetasse mit Oolong Tee

An overview of all Oolong teas from Taiwan that are available here in the Evergreen Teashop can be found here:


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