Does oolong tea get you drunk? - Tea drunk?

Does oolong tea get you drunk? - Tea drunk?

Many tea lovers are certainly familiar with the feeling that occurs when you have drunk too much tea at once. You suddenly feel awake, energetic, creative, peaceful or relaxed. In this article we want to explain a little more about what it means Tea Drunk - Tea Drunk...🤪 Cha Zui to be and how to get drunk properly - well, without alcohol of course :)

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What makes us drunk while drinking tea?

The tea plant Camellia Sinensis has some components that affect how we feel while drinking tea.


  1. caffeine (theine)

All types of tea have a certain caffeine content, which depends on the growing conditions and how the tea leaves are processed.

We already have this in another Blog Article here described in more detail.

Caffeine is an ingredient that provides us with energy and creativity. An increased caffeine content is also noticed by a slightly bitter taste. Astringent taste of the tea.


  1. L-Theanin 

L-Theanine is a non-proteinogenic amino acid found primarily in the Camellia Sinensis plant and is known to stimulate alpha brainwaves. This can make us feel alert, creative, or very relaxed. It is also important to know that the fermentation process of the tea leaves reduces the L-theanine content. Green teas or slightly fermented oolong teas have the highest L-teanine content.

L-theanine also has the property of reducing the effects of caffeine and thus helps to reduce anxiety. The active ingredient also helps us to relax. L-teanine is also responsible for rounding off the pleasant aromas of the tea.


  1. catechin

Catechins are probably the main reason why we suddenly feel so high when drinking tea. Since catechins cause a bitter taste, cultivars with low catechins content are usually used for the cultivation of green tea. For oolong teas, cultivars with a higher catechins content are preferred as this is reduced during oxidation in the fermentation process.


Which types of tea make you tea drunk?

In general, almost any type of tea can get you drunk, but teas high in caffeine, L-theanine, and catechins are best.

Greener ones are good, for example Jasmin Tea, Gyokuro, Baozhong Oolong or generally lightly fermented High Mountain Oolong Sorten.

High mountain oolong teas are particularly suitable because they grow very slowly on the foggy mountains and the cool climate and can therefore form a high proportion of L-theanine in the tea leaves.


Five steps on how to properly get drunk with tea 

  1. Drink only high quality tea
  2. Do not drink tea on an empty stomach, it is more digestible if you eat small snacks like nuts or taro pastries during the tea ceremony.
  3. With a full stomach, the effect may not start or may start very late.
  4. Always prepare your green tea or oolong tea in Gong Fu Cha style
    • With the Gong Fu Cha Style method, the tea can be enjoyed very consciously in small doses. You can find out more here in our blog post
  5. Be mindful - enjoy your tea experience and avoid too many distractions


How does it feel to be tea drunken?

Depending on which tea you prefer, being tea drunk can feel different. Here are some of our personal experiences:

You feel very light, almost flying. Creative. Emotional and introspective. Sublime, happy and silly. Content, peaceful and blissful. Meditative, philosophical and relaxed. You feel a deep connection with everything and everyone around you. Or you just feel very grateful to have loved ones to share this positive experience with.

Mann ist Tea Drunken

picture of Ryan McGuire on Pixabay



Tell us your opinion!

Have you ever had the feeling of being tea drunk? If so, maybe you still remember which type of tea you enjoyed back then? Please share your experience with us and leave a quick message in the comments at the end of this article.

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