What is the difference between green tea and oolong tea?

What is the difference between green tea and oolong tea?

What is the difference between green tea and oolong tea? That's a good question. Many tea drinkers would equate oolong tea with green tea. However, there is a crucial difference in the processing process which, above all, affects the taste of the teas.

Green tea

In the production of Green tea the tea buds are carefully harvested and care is taken that the leaves are not damaged as the escaping juice would oxidize in the air. The leaves are immediately withered and possibly roasted. In the case of inferior green teas, this quickly leads to a straw-like taste or a bitter aftertaste.
It is therefore advisable to brew green tea "colder" at about 60 ° C and only for a very short 30 seconds - 1 minute. otherwise the bitter substances will quickly emerge.

Green teas include, for example, Gyokuro (Japanese green tea) Longjing (green tea from China) 


Teeblätter werden gewelkt


green oolong tea

Oxidation is even desirable with Oolong tea! The leaves are rolled during the processing process (this is why Oolong teas are usually offered in spherical form). During the rolling, the cell structures of the tea leaves are broken and the escaping juice then oxidizes in the air.
This leads to the fact that green Oolong teas have a delicate flowery - fruity taste. Green Oolong teas are fermented up to a maximum of 30%.

There are also stronger fermented oolong teas such as Honey Oolong. If you ferment tea 100%, you get one black tea.

Oolong green teas are also often used as high mountain oolong or Hochgebrigs tea touted, or Gao Shan. These teas are made in Taiwan in the mountain regions Lishan, Da Yu Lin, Shanlingxi, and Alishan grown at an altitude of 1000 meters to 2400 meters. The higher the cultivation region, the more delicate and flowery the tea taste is and the less the bitter substances come to the fore.

High quality oolongs can easily be brewed up to 4-5 times. This happens at around 80 - 90 ° C and the brewing time should be around 3 minutes.


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