How much caffeine does oolong tea contain compared to coffee

How much caffeine does oolong tea contain compared to coffee

 Even if tea in some cases contains as much caffeine as a cup of coffee, the effect is much gentler and lasts a little longer.

In total, tea leaves contain significantly less caffeine than coffee beans. In addition, the caffeine dissolves from the ground coffee faster than from the tea leaves.

Aufgebrühter Tee in der Tasse mit Teeblättern

That also explains why high quality oolong tea from whole tea leaves is preferable. Because if you only brew it for a short time, the aromas are first released from the tea leaves. The longer you let the tea leaves steep or the more often you brew the tea, the more you will feel the effects of the caffeine.

In the past, this stimulant was also known as tein, but various studies have now shown that the active ingredient in tea leaves is identical to the caffeine in coffee beans.

If, on the other hand, you drink a cup of espresso, the body immediately gets a caffeine boost and adrenaline flows through the veins.

This table gives a rough overview of how much caffeine is contained in the individual drinks in comparison: 

drink Caffeine content per 100ml
Green tea  30 mg
Black tea 50 mg
Wenshan Baozhong 30 mg
High mountain oolong 28 mg
Dong Ding Oolong 32 mg
Oriental Beauty Oolong  45 mg
Black coffee 80 mg
cappuccino 27 mg
espresso 110 mg
bar Macchiato

11 mg


How much caffeine there is in a cup of Oolong tea does not only depend on the brewing time but also on other important factors such as the brewing temperature, the ratio of the number of tea leaves to the water and of course whether you brew the tea in a large pot or rather for it one Gaiwan or a small one Yixing teapot used.

Yixing Teekanne mit Oolong Tee in einer Tasse auf einem Bambus Untersetzer

The time of harvest also has a major influence. Tea that was grown in summer contains significantly more caffeine as the tea leaves can grow much faster than tea that is harvested in spring or winter.

Teegarten in Taichung Taiwan bei der Tee Ernte mit ernte Helfern und Haus im Hintergrund


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