The top 10 favorite teas of our customers in 2021

The top 10 favorite teas of our customers in 2021

At the end of 2021 we carried out a customer voting to find out which types of tea were particularly popular this year.

Not entirely surprising, of course, was ours Xiding Alishan Oolong did the best.

Second is ours lightly fermented Lishan Oolong landed, followed by Shanlinxi Oolong aus dem Long Feng Xia Canyon in third place.

We were positively surprised by ours Floral Gut Hau Osmanthus Oolong came in fourth place - we recently received new supplies from Taiwan.

the Pinglin Wenshan Baozhong in fifth place perfectly complements the list of lightly fermented teas.

This year ours was also very popular Alishan Gaba Gabalong Oolong, which was sold out several times. And ours has meanwhile become an insider tip Guifei Oolong developed.

The second big surprise of our survey was that it was ours Aged Foushushan Oolong made it into the Top10, because its intense flavors are not for everyone - at least that's what we thought :)

In ninth place is ours Alishan Oolong with a light roast which we recently added to our tea shop. it wouldn't surprise us to find this oolong in the top five next year.

In tenth place, tea lovers have ours Mixiang Honey Hong Cha chosen.

In the coming weeks we will be adding the teas individually here on our blog, at Facebook & Instagram introduce.

We would like to express our thanks again to all of the participants in the voting for their feedback!

Which types of tea did you like very much in 2021? We would be happy if you leave us your feedback in the comments.

Die Top10 Lieblingstees unserer Kunden 2021


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