Xiding Alishan Oolong Tea from Taiwan

€305* / kg
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Xiding Alishan Oolong Tea from Taiwan

€305* / kg
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Xiding is located along the Alishan Highway and is a popular tourist magnet as the rising fog rises on the mountain slopes and creates impressive cloud sculptures.

In the vicinity of Xiding, the warm temperate zone meets the subtropical zone, which enables a variety of agricultural products to be grown there. These include persimmon fruits and butterfly orchids. But Alishan is best known for its excellent Jin Xuan and Qing Xin Oolong teas.

Alishan Mountain view point - teeplantage

Our Alishan High Mountain Oolong comes from a small tea garden of befriended farmers. The tea plantations there are managed sustainably and the tea is only harvested by hand in small batches.

Our Alishan High mountain oolong tea Winter Batch was only lightly fermented, as is traditionally the case.

The batch of winter 2018 has a slightly stronger, evergreen aroma with a balanced creamy - herbal character but does not miss the scent of orchids. This is underlined by the milky character which made this type of tea popular. 

This Alishan Oolong will delight High Mountain Oolong fans and newbies alike with its taste. 

Zubereitung von leicht fermentierten Oolong
  •  processing

Our Gao Shan - High Mountain Oolong Tea is traditionally picked by hand, so only the best leaves find their way to you.

Then the leaves are stored in a dark room to wilt before the tea is fermented.

When fermenting, the tea leaves are carefully rubbed and shaken so that the juice of the leaves emerges.

To stop the short fermentation process, the leaves are briefly heated. the degree of fermentation of this excellent oolong tea is 20-30%.

  • Harvest time & cultivar
- Spring 2020
- Green heart - 青 心 Qing Xin Oolong


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This Alishan Oolong is sealed in an aroma protection bag and delivered in a decorative tea box that can also be reused.

  • origin

Our Gao Shan Oolong Cha is on the Alishan Mountain cultivated at an altitude of 1,600 meters above sea level in Jai Yi Province in Xi Ding Township. 

Schild Autobahn ausfahrt zur Alishan scenic Area