strongly roasted Shanlinxi Oolong tea

€280* / kg
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strongly roasted Shanlinxi Oolong tea

€280* / kg
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This Shanlinxi Oolong is a classic high mountain oolong tea which is traditionally lightly fermented and additionally heavily roasted.

This oolong is cultivated on a tea plantation in the Shanlinxi area at over 1600 meters. The very popular Qing Xin cultivar is grown there, which is known for its exceptionally rounded taste.


And this is how the strongly roasted Shanlinxi tastes:

The taste is very well balanced and the consistency of the tea reminds on the tongue of a liqueur that flatters the tongue smoothly.

The aromas of Shanlinxi Oolong tea are very intense and range from roasted nuts and a sweet caramelized note and an exceptionally long finish. The strong roast adds light cinnamon notes.

The aftertaste is lingering. An ideal tea that is also suitable as a companion during dinner.



The exceptionally high quality of this Shanlinxi Oolong tea allows up to 10 infusions. The first infusions are very strong and dominated by roasted aromas which, however, become more and more soft over time and then let the nutty, sweet aromas emerge.


Harvest time:

Winter 2019


Shanlinxi Mountain 
Da Lun Shan Village
Altitude: over 1600 meters
Cultivar: Qing Xin