Li Shan Oolong tea from Taiwan lightly fermented

€42,67* / 100 g
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Li Shan Oolong tea from Taiwan lightly fermented

€42,67* / 100 g
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Our popular Lishan Oolong is only available for a short time in a double pack of 150g with a 20% discount!

Li Shan Oolong from Taiwan is one of the finest Highland Oolong Teas which are grown in Taiwan or maybe even worldwide. The growing area is located in the heart of Taiwan - Taichung County. This extraordinary oolong tea is grown there at an altitude of 2,400 meters above sea level on Lishan Mountain (Pear Mountain).

At this altitude there are strong temperature differences between day and night temperatures.

Furthermore, the tea plants are permanently in thick fog. These conditions lead to the fact that the tea leaves grow very slowly, which contributes to a highly concentrated aroma and very complex nuances.

Taste profile

This unique Li Shan Oolong Cha inspires with its soft, calming, well-rounded aromas of honeydew melon and young hazelnut and inspires with its beguiling fruity fragrance.

so einfach lässt sich leicht fermentierter Lishan Oolong zubereiten

We have packed this excellent tea for you in a traditional tea caddy

The tea is vacuum packed to protect the aroma.

Harvest time

Spring & Winter 2017


Li shan Mountain
Taichung County Taiwan
Altitude: over 2400 meters



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