Tea Tasting Notes - Xiding Alishan Oolong from Taiwan - Favorite tea # 1 of our customers in 2021

Tea Tasting Notes - Xiding Alishan Oolong from Taiwan - Favorite tea # 1 of our customers in 2021

At the end of the year, we asked our customers in a voting which tea from our range was their favorite tea in 2021.

In the first place became ours Xiding Alishan Oolong aus Taiwan chosen.

I would like to describe why this is so in this article.


Die Top10 Lieblingstees unserer Kunden 2021 - Evergreen Teashop


The Alishan tea gardens begin at an altitude of approx. 1000 meters and extend to an altitude of 2300 meters above sea level. Thus, Alishan Oolong is one of the high mountain oolong teas.

the famous red Alishan Forest Railway Train


As a tourist you can go to the top of Alishan with the famous Alishan Forest Railway reach. The red train has already become Alishan's trademark and adorns our unmistakable tea caddies. 

The railway line begins in Chiayi and leads over many turns to the Alishan National Scenic Area at about 2200 meters above sea level. From there you have a breathtaking view over the tea gardens and over to Yushan Mountain which is also called Jade Mountain.


Often the slopes of the tea gardens are obscured by clouds of mist. As a result, the climate is very cool and is not subject to major temperature fluctuations. The tea bushes are always adequately supplied with moisture and are optimally protected from direct sunlight.

These weather conditions support a slow and even growth of the tea leaves, which produces a very balanced tea aroma.

The tea farmers in the Alishan area traditionally cultivate the Qing Xin cultivar in their tea gardens, which is harvested by hand twice a year in spring and winter.

Oolong Tee Ernte in Taiwan - Alishan


The typical Alishan High Mountain Oolong, also known as Gaoshan in Taiwan, is only lightly fermented after harvest and rolled into the typical tea buds.

But there are also other variations such as Alishan Oolong with light roasting or even Alishan Gaba Oolong - Gabalong. But in this article we would like to focus on our customers' most popular tea in 2021 and that was our traditionally lightly fermented Xiding Alishan Oolong.

gerollte Teeblätter Xiding Alishan Oolong in einer Schale

This gives the tea its floral - slightly fruity peach aroma when brewing, which is also reminiscent of orchid nectar and a slightly winter-green note.

The tea caresses the tongue as soft as velvet and is never astringent.

Its color in the cup is bright yellow-gold and has a light film of tea oil on the surface.

If you look at the brewed leaf, you will usually find a tea leaf bud together with two other tea leaves. In terms of color, these are still rich emerald green due to the slight fermentation.

Teezeremonie mit Teetray Teepitcher und Xiding Alishan Oolong in der Teetasse

By using the high-quality Qing Xin cultivar, the Xiding Alishan Oolong Brew at least 3-4 times.

We recommend a perfect brewing temperature of around 85 ° C and a steeping time of one minute. When brewing repeatedly, it is advisable to increase the drawing temperature by about 30 seconds each time.

Either a small teapot or a classic gaiwan are suitable for brewing.


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