The 5 advantages of loose leaf tea over tea bags

The 5 advantages of loose leaf tea over tea bags

Every tea lover has certainly noticed that many types of tea are not only available loose, but also in tea bags.

In this blog post we want to take a look together at the benefits of loose leaf tea. 

In addition, tea in bags is actually cheaper. But, is this really the truth?


1. The quality of the loose leaf tea is significantly better

If you want to enjoy high-quality tea, the manufacturing quality is a decisive factor that affects the taste of the tea.

High-quality tea is often even harvested by hand, so only the beet tea leaves find their way into the teacup.

During the first infusion you can immediately see how the tea leaves unfold. With tea bags, on the other hand, it is actually impossible to assess the quality of the content.loser Blattee


2. Brew several times - the cost factor

Many types of tea, such as our Oolong teas from Taiwan, can be brewed several times. Many even up to five times and more often. Tea bags, on the other hand, are usually disposed of after the first infusion and are therefore significantly more expensive in comparison.

loser Tee kann mehrfach aufgebrüht werden


3. Sustainability

loose tea is of course not portioned, so you save additional packaging material and the tea leaves can be safely disposed of in the green waste or composted in your own cooking. In addition, many tea bags are not biodegradable and consist of plastics that can pollute the water as microplastics.


4. Loose tea leaves can be brewed more evenly.

For example, if you brew loose Oolong, you will notice that more aromas are released from the whole tea leaves with each infusion. With crushed tea, on the other hand, the aromas are washed out immediately - which is why many tea bags can only be brewed once.

mehrfach aufgebrühter Tee


5. Better tea enjoyment

Like a good wine, tea should be perceived with all your senses. It is advisable to take some time to drink tea and to enjoy it consciously. Like the taste itself, the appearance and the scent of the tea leaves are extremely important. In China, the tea ceremony is also called Gong Fu Cha and has an artistic - ceremonial aspect in the tea culture there.

Tee trinken vor Alpenkulisse im Frühling


In summary, one can say that loose leaf tea has many benefits, you can be sure that you are buying tea of very good quality, and the tea leaves give off their aromas more evenly, so you can brew it more often, which means that loose leaf tea is often cheaper. Since there is no outer packaging, it is also more environmentally friendly, so there are many good reasons to use loose leaf tea!



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