Tea advent calendar garland Formosa

€74,00* €93,50*
€308,33* / kg
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Tea advent calendar garland Formosa

€74,00* €93,50*
€308,33* / kg
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Our tea advent calendar garland Formosa is again richly filled with the best teas from Taiwan, packed in small red and white checked cotton bags, which can be reused by the way!

The bags are filled with 24 different tea samples from the Evergreen Teashop range of 10 grams each - a total of 240 grams.

there are now even two different designs available!

And the best! You also save 20% compared to the unit price.

If you already have an Advent calendar to fill, we also offer you the tea samples here in a set to fill yourself, so to speak as a "refill"!





This year includes:

  •  Xiding Alishan Oolong Tea from Taiwan
  • Honey Oolong Tea - Mi Xiang - organic cultivation
  • Earl Gray tea - kissed by the bergamot - from Taiwan
  • green tea with jasmine flowers - Mo Li Hua Lu Cha
  • Black tea with osmanthus flowers - Gui Hua Hong Cha
  • Light Iron Goddess Tie Guan Yin
  • Amber Iron Goddess Tie Guan Yin
  • Han Xiao black tea - the smiling black tea
  • Indigenous Shan Cha Red Oolong - Hong Cha
  • Da Yu Ling Oolong - King of Oolong teas
  • strongly roasted Shanlinxi Oolong tea
  • Li Shan Oolong tea from Taiwan lightly fermented
  • Dong Ding Oolong Tea - heavily roasted
  • Qing Xin Dong Ding Oolong - lightly roasted
  • Qing Xin Baozhong - rolled leaf from Long Feng Xia Canyon
  • Alishan Gaba Oolong Tea - Gabalong - high amino acid content
  • Hong Yu - Ruby 18 - black tea from Sun Moon Lake
  • Aged Fushoushan High Mountain Oolong - 2010 Reserve
  • Royal Guifei Oolong Tea
  • Shanlinxi High Mountain Oolong Tea from Long Feng Xia Canyon
  • Jin Xuan Milky Oolong Tea - from the Taiwanese high mountains
  • Wushe Qing Xin Oolong Tea cake - 2013 Vintage
  • Hand rolled Qing Xin Tuan Cha
  • lightly roasted Alishan High Mountain Oolong tea

The order of the teas in the advent calendar remains a secret, of course :)



Decorative items are not included in the offer :)