Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea - Dongfang Meiren

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Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea - Dongfang Meiren

€633,33* / kg
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Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea from Taiwan - Dongfang Meiren (東方 美人 which means "Eastern Beauty")

This tea beauty is grown in the original Dongfang Meiren growing area in Hsinchu County in northern Taiwan.

The special taste experience is created by the infestation of the tea bushes with cicadas (Jacobiasca formosana). This is a deliberate process that causes the leaves on the tea bush to begin to oxidize.
For this purpose, the "Yellow Hair Monkey Cultivate" tea bushes are grown at an altitude of less than 800 meters. A cicada infestation would no longer be possible.

In order to enable the cicada infestation, the use of pesticides is completely dispensed with when growing the tea, so this Oriental Beauty Tea can also be counted among the organically grown tea varieties.

The tea leaves are picked by hand in early summer. However, only the tea bud and the two tea leaves behind it are harvested. Afterwards the pickings are fermented very strongly with 70% but not roasted.


This extraordinary fermentation process creates very interesting taste nuances and fragrances that are first reminiscent of honey and then turn to floral notes that taste like lilac and reveal a very delicate hint of cinnamon
Even if you let the tea steep for too long, the aftertaste will remain sweet - round.

The Oriental Beauty Oolong Story

The Oriental Beauty Oolong has already been given many names such as Champagne Oolong, Dongfang Meiren or Bai Hau Silver Tip Oolong (白毫)
In the late 19th century, John Dodd, the tea merchant Dongfang Meiren Oolong exported to England and supplied the English royal family with it.
Queen Elisabeth II was very impressed by this special oolong tea and named it Oriental Beauty.

A few tips for choosing a perfect Dongfang Meiren Oolong:

Don't be tempted by great names like "Superior Fancy Oolong Top Grade", "Fancy Oolong", "China Top Fancy Ooolong". In our experience, in such cases only the description of the tea variety is fancy, premium or even superior

- Traditionally, the best quality Oolong teas come from Taiwan (Formosa) and do not have any "fancy" names
- The silver tea leaf tips should be clearly visible, the more the better
- In the tea cup, the tea should have a nice, rich amber color
- As soon as you put this Zikanden tea in the cup, it immediately emits a very multifaceted floral scent
- The taste is reminiscent of sweet honey at first and then of lilac aromas. The cinnamon aroma should not penetrate too clearly


We recommend you to prepare this great oolong either in a gaiwan or in a small clay teapot. So the tea has the best prerequisites to develop its taste experience perfectly.


Since the fragile tea leaves are not rolled, but traditionally processed as "twisted curls", this tea is not vacuum packed but shrink-wrapped in an aroma protection bag.


Yello Hair Monkey Cultivar

Origin of the tea type:

Our Dongfang Meiren is grown in Hsinchu County at an altitude of 800 meters above sea level.