White tea - Bai Cha - organic

€520* / kg
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White tea - Bai Cha - organic

€520* / kg
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At an altitude of 1400 meters, the young tea leaves from our white “Bai Cha” are carefully hand-picked from the Wu Yi Cultivate tea bushes.

The tea leaves are harvested at a very young stage while they are still immature. Then the leaves are dried to stop the oxidation process immediately. In this way, the tea retains a high amount of antioxidants.

White tea also contains only very small amounts of caffeine because the tea leaves are still very young. In addition, white tea is brewed at a temperature of only 80 ° C. The low brewing temperature and the short brewing time of 1-3 minutes ensure that only little caffeine is extracted from the leaves.

The brewed tea turns pale yellow in color. It has an extraordinary floral aroma, a delicate, sweet aroma and a fruity fragrance that you as a tea lover should not miss.

Our white "Bai Cha" is made using organic farming. The tea leaves for Taiwan were traditionally harvested in November because here the growth of the leaves has already slowed down and the aromas can develop even better.


The exceptionally high quality of this tea allows up to 4 infusions


You receive our white tea in a sealed doypack


Wu Yi Cultivate


Cing Jin Area - Nantou Township
Altitude: over 1400 meters




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