Royal Guifei Oolong Tee

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Royal Guifei Oolong Tee

€354,67* / kg
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Yang Guifei was a concubine of the Chinese Emperor during the Tang Dynasty and was known for her extraordinary beauty. 

Yang Guifei - Schönheit aus der Tang Dynastie

Guifei Oolong is actually a very young and popular type of tea that only emerged after the earthquake in Taiwan in 1999.

Coincidence also played a role in the creation of this variety. Due to the damaged roads and infrastructure, the farmers in Lugu have not been able to cultivate their tea gardens for quite a while. As a result, tea bushes were attacked by cicadas which had nibbled at the edges of the tea leaves. This creates a slight fermentation of the tea leaves already on the tea bush.

This effect is not entirely unknown. In northern Taiwan, this effect is deliberately used to produce Oriental Beauty - Dong Fang Meiren Oolong Tea, which is known for its floral - fruity taste.

The tea farmers usually grow Dong Ding Oolong in the Lugu cultivation area, so they could no longer sell the "damaged" tea to such people.

So you decided to process the Guifei Oolong tea leaves according to the methods you are familiar with for Dong Ding Oolong.

First, the tea was fermented about 40 - 50% and then roasted to bring out the fruity notes more.

For example, Oriental Beauty Oolong is fermented up to 80%. However, this was not necessary with Gui Fei Oolong because the loose tea leaves were already slightly fermented on the tea bushes.

At first glance, the taste of our Guifei Oolong smells intensely of a fruity perfume. There are also aromas of summer blossom honey with a very soft finish.

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Origin & Harvest:

Shanlinxi Mountain

Nantou County

Altitude: over 1500 meters

Cultivar: Qing Xin 

Harvest: Winter 2020 / 2021




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