Wenshan Baozhong - 2017 Award Winner

€506,67* / kg
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Wenshan Baozhong - 2017 Award Winner

€506,67* / kg
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Our Wenshan Baozhong is traditionally fermented very lightly with 10%. Through this process, the antioxidants and other nutrients are better preserved and therefore resembles a green tea more than an Oolong which is typically more strongly fermented.

The slight oxidation means that the green color of the tea leaves is retained. After the tea has been sufficiently wilted in the sun, the next step is to carefully roll the leaves into "curls". The fermentation process is then stopped again with a short roast.

Through this special process, the baozhong retains the many health benefits of green tea and oolong tea.

This excellent Baozhong is harvested exclusively by hand. this usually happens in the morning to be able to harvest the leaves gently. Only the youngest two leaves from each shoot tip are picked.

The New Taipei County organizes a Wenshan Pouchong tea tasting every year, and our tea was recognized for its excellent taste.

Taste profile

This fine Wenshan Pouchong tea smells intensely sweet with floral notes. The taste is reminiscent of tropical fruits with a wonderfully gentle aftertaste. 

so einfach lässt sich Wenshan Baozhong zubereiten


We have packed our oolong with aromas for you. it is also delivered in an Award Winner tin.

The leaves are loosely packed with aromas.


Wen Shan Mountain
Ping Lin County - by the way, there is the world's largest tea museum - Ping Lin Tea Museum
Altitude: over 500 meters
Jinxuan cultivar