Pinglin Wenshan Baozhong

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Pinglin Wenshan Baozhong

€506,67* / kg
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This fine Pinglin Wenshan Baozhong comes from a small tea-growing area on the outskirts of Taipei in Taiwan. the tea gardens there are at an altitude of 500 meters and most of the time are either in the clouds or below. This natural shading guarantees that the tea leaves can develop slowly and evenly.

After the harvest, these are only very lightly fermented at 10%. This process preserves the antioxidants and other nutrients better and is therefore more similar to green tea than oolong, which are typically more fermented.

In order to achieve this high quality, the tea farmer also sorts out all discolored tea leaves by hand. The manufacturing process also avoids using the stems of the tea leaves, which rewards this Wenshan Baozhong with its opulent floral scents and a buttery aroma of lilies and orchids.

The slight oxidation means that the green color of the tea leaves is retained. After the tea has been sufficiently withered in the sun, the next step is to carefully roll the leaves into "curls". The fermentation process is then completed with a short roast.

grüner Pinglin Wenshan Baozhong

Taste profile

This fine Wenshan pouchong tea smells intensely sweet with floral notes. The taste is reminiscent of tropical fruits with a wonderfully gentle aftertaste. 

We recommend not brewing this tea too hot at 80°C and only letting the infusion steep for a very short time at the beginning. This is how the tea can best bring out its great aromas.

 Zubereitungsempfehlung Pinglin Wenshan Baozhong


We have packed our Pinglin Wenshan Baozhong for you in a chic tea caddy with an aroma seal.


Wenshan Mountain
Pinglin County - by the way, there is the world's largest tea museum - Pinglin Tea Museum
Altitude: over 500 meters

Harvest time winter 2021/2022
Qing Xin Cultivar