Alishan Gaba Oolong Tea - Gabalong - high amino acid content

€35,27* / 100 g
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Alishan Gaba Oolong Tea - Gabalong - high amino acid content

€35,27* / 100 g
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We discovered this great Gaba Oolong tea (also called Gabalong) during our this year's tea trip in the Alishan area. 

The small family-run tea farm is located near Taiping also about 1600 meters above sea level.

Gaba Oolong Tee Garten im Alishan Gebiet

The very high quality Qing Xin cultivar is grown there for Gaba tea production.

The fermentation process is carried out without oxygen, which creates the extraordinarily high amino acid content GABA (γ-aminobutyric acid) content in the rolled tea leaves of over 300mg per 100g tea.

Without this treatment, the Gaba content would only be around 10 to 40 mg.

The Gaba content is 100% natural without any artificial additives!

Bambuswald auf der Gaba Tee Plantage


This is how the tea tastes:

The taste of this special Gaba Oolong tea is reminiscent of a fruity dessert and dark raisins and creates a very round, soft taste in the throat. The wonderful taste of this tea is rounded off by a light roast.

The leaves are rolled as you would expect from a traditional high mountain oolong.

A rare treat for every Gaba Oolong tea lover.

GABA content: approx. 400mg per 100g of tea

Chiayi County

Harvest time: Harvested by hand in spring 2020
Altitude: over 1600 meters
Cultivar: Qin Xing Cultivar 



beautiful tea caddy decorated with traditional motifs

Unfortunately, these can have small dents from the transport from Taiwan to Germany. This does not represent a quality defect.