Shanlinxi Bai Cha - White tea from the highland tea garden

€440* / kg
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Shanlinxi Bai Cha - White tea from the highland tea garden

€440* / kg
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One would think that the infusion of white tea should be very pale greenish. However, this is only the case if the withering of the tea leaves was stopped quickly under high heat.


However, our tea master has opted for a traditional Taiwanese processing method. The tea leaves are gradually withered and then gently dried slowly at low heat. This process is very complex and can take up to 21 days!


In this process, the yeast bacteria remain in the tea leaves. This allows this Shanlinxi Bai Cha to age for several years.

As a result, the aroma of the tea changes significantly over the years:


In Taiwan, aged white tea is also considered medicine:

1. one year old white tea = good tea for daily use

2. Three year old white tea = herbal medicine

3. Seven year old white tea = liquid gold


This is how the tea tastes:

If you open the packaging, the tea already exudes its aroma, which is reminiscent of pipe tobacco. When the tea is brewed, it tastes slightly grassy with a slightly fruity sweetness. 

The aftertaste is always velvety and never astringent - its aftertaste is reminiscent of dried fruit.


Brew recommendation: Brew 7g of the loose tea leaves with 200ml of soft water

brewing temperature: 95°C

brewing time: 1 Minute

infusions: our Shanlinxi Bai Cha can be brewed at least 6 times

Cultivar: Qing Xin - very small tea leaves were used

harvest time: Winter 2021/2022

Growing area: Shanlinxi Teegärten 

Elevation: over 1600 meters




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