Mixiang Honey Hong Cha

€318* / kg
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Mixiang Honey Hong Cha

€318* / kg
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Our 蜜香紅茶 Mixiang Honey Hong Cha is a black tea and is grown in the tea gardens of Mingjian Township in Nantou County at around 1000 meters above sea level.

The tea leaves of the Da Yeh tea bush were used to produce this mixiang in spring 2020. The tea leaves were 100% fermented.

However, this Hong Cha gets its characteristic taste from the cicadas infesting the tea bushes and nibbling on the tea leaves, the escaping juice of the plant then oxidizes in the air.

When cultivating this type of tea, no pesticides are used so that the cicadas can do their job :)

Taste profile

Traditionally processed black teas like this have become rare in Taiwan. The original processing methods were used during processing.

This delicate tea tastes strongly of honey and apricot notes. We recommend varying the brewing temperature and brewing the tea a little colder or letting it cool down a little before enjoying it. Only then do the great aromas fully emerge!

Incidentally, this tea is also suitable for the cold brew brewing method

Zubereitungsempfehlung Mixiang Honey Hong Cha


We deliver our Mixiang Honey Hong Cha in a resealable 50g doypack

growing area

Lushan - Mingjian Township
Nantou County Taiwan
Altitude: over 1000 meters

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Harvest time Spring 2020