Visiting the HUGOSUM Black Tea Garden on Sun Moon Lake

Visiting the HUGOSUM Black Tea Garden on Sun Moon Lake

During our tea trip this year, we went to Sun Moon Lake to see the wonderful HUGOSUM Black Tea Garden from Denise and Steve.   

Hugosum Teefarm

Interestingly enough, HUGOSUM should not only be understood as a tea farm. Rather, the owners try to introduce visitors to the history of black tea cultivation in Taiwan and the production of their high-quality black teas in various courses.

The Workshop offer is seasonally different. Unfortunately, there was no harvest time during our visit, so instead of black tea we were allowed to make great tea soap. During the production, our Teacher Tost explained all the details about the tea cultivars used.

Teacher Tost zeigt uns wie man Teeseife selbst herstellt

If you are interested in the workshops on offer, we recommend that you register in advance as the number of participants is limited.

All of the teas on offer are grown exclusively in the tea gardens on Sun Moon Lake. This is also confirmed with the agricultural seal of approval, which even allows the tea to be traced back to the manufacturer and the cultivation area using a barcode.


 Hugosum Teesladen am Sun Moon Lake


 The following criteria are crucial for making a balanced black tea from whole loose leaves. This can then be enjoyed either hot brewed or cold as an iced tea:

The environment:

Sun Moon Lake is located in the middle of Taiwan at an altitude of about 450 to 1000 meters above sea level.


The soil:

The tea gardens are mainly located in hilly terrain with very permeable, less acidic soil, which offers ideal conditions for growing black tea.


The climate:

The area around the Sun Moon Lake belongs to the subtropical climate zone with an average annual temperature of 20 ° C and high humidity.


Various types of HUGOSUM teas will soon be available in our Evergreen Teashop!


 Hugosum und Evergreen Teashop Besitzerinnen Gruppenfoto


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