black osmanthus iced tea - it's that easy!

black osmanthus iced tea - it's that easy!

Thirty degrees in the shade and one summer storm follows the next. In order to keep a cool head in midsummer, it is advisable to drink a lot.

We like to refresh ourselves in the summer months with homemade ice tea.

With this recipe we want to show you how you can easily prepare your own iced tea.


1. choose your favorite tea

We like to use either our black osmanthus tea, but green jasmine tea or Earl Gray are just as good, as they already have floral or fruity aromas. If you prefer something a bit grassier, you can also use buckwheat tea.


2. choose the right amount

For a large teapot, 1-2 tablespoons are enough


3. the preparation

Now heat the water until it reaches 95°C. and pour it over the tea


4. This is how you can refine your iced tea

If you would like to enjoy your tea a little more sparkling, you can add a slice of lemon. We like to use kumquads, which have a great taste of their own.

Your iced tea can be rounded off with a teaspoon of blossom honey that you add to the hot tea.


5. The iced tea is almost ready!

Now you let the tea steep for about 3 minutes in the teapot together with the kumquads and the honey.

then you fill a large glass to the brim with ice cubes and then pour the freshly brewed tea over them.


6. Enjoy!

Now your refreshing osmanthus ice tea is ready and nothing stands in the way of a nice summer day!


Osmanthus Eistee in einem grossen Glas selbst gemacht


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